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Carugil 4-Sides Seal Wrappers

For Ball, 3D and Flat lollipops

4 side seal wrapper
4 side seal wrapper
3D lollipop. Flat lollipop

Pack your lollipops in 4-Sides Seal style

The Carugil CWL-4S 600  Wapper for lollipop makes professional, efficient and precise wrapping in 4-Side Seal accesible to the entry level producers. For medium and large producers, the CWL-4S 800 model offers high-tech components and strong performance combined with state-of-the-art control technology at high speed.


  • The wrapper is not mechanically linked to the cooling tunnel, therefore the wrapper can work independently from the equipment upstream.

  • Perfect shaped lollipop. The lollipops are transfered to the wrapper after being 
    cooled down in the cooling tunnel.

  • Ball and 3D lollipops can be wrapped on the CWL-4S wrappers.

Technical Specifications

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