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Flow Wrapper for preformed pieces

Flowwrapper for preformed pieces

Reliable and accurate cut and 
flow wrapping

The Carugil CWFB flow-wrappers are continuous-motion horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) machines for the flow-wrapping of preformed pieces at speeds up to 2.000 pieces per minute.

The machine is designed to have minimal maintenance  requirementes. Besides, a new design transport system is utilized, replacing the traditional chain feeding systems, therefore avoiding the need for greasing the chain and contamining the product.

All the movements of the machine are driven by brushless servomotors and monitored by the latest generation electronic
controls that guarantee the optimum synchronization of the wrapping material at high speed.

Flow-wrapper for preformed pieces
Flow-wrapper for preformed pieces
Flow-wrapper for preformed pieces
Flow-wrapper for preformed pieces


Cut and flow pack machine


To achieve a perfect wrapping, the CWF machines are equipped with an automatic longitudinal correction system by means of photoelectric cell and a continuous tension control system of the wrapping material.


System for accurate guiding of the film. Accurately and automatically corrects the lateral displacements of the film before the cutting stage.


Automatic system to splice a new reel of wrapping material without standstill of the machine.


An additional inkjet printer system is available for marking/printing the best before dates, lot or date coding.


Label applicator for accurately, efficiently and reliably applying self-adhesive stickers or tattoos to the continuous wrapping film. Servo matching speed control allows the speed of the labeller to precisely match the speed of the Flow Wrapper.

Technical Specifications

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  • Models CWFC to cut and flow wrap CONTINUOUS ROPES of soft candies, toffees, chewing gum, fruit pastes and similar products.

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