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Super Strong

Carugil Sigma Blade Mixers

mixer kneader

Mixing machines with sigma kneading blades

Our Double Sigma Arm Mixers have been engineered to deliver high-capacity mixing performance, along with the user-friendliness, reliability and durability world-class customers demand.

The mixing is carried out by two sigma arms placed at the bowl´s bottom, which rotate in opposite directions and at different speeds, resulting in continuous movement of the product from the sidewalls to the center of the kneading bowl or the reverse, depending on the direction of rotation.

Discharge of the mixed product can be achieved either by
tilting of the kenading bowl or by means of a discharge screw located horizontally below and paralell to the sigma arms.

fruit paste


  • Intensive kneading of viscosity products.

  • Shorter processing times with high product quality.

  • Front and rear bowl seals prevent leaking and helps to maintain product quality. Seals made of high quality material.

  • Minimum processing capacity of the total container volume.

  • All machines in the Super Strong series have double-jacketed bowl for heating/cooling.

  • Discharge either by tilting of the bowl or by extruding screw.

ball forming
ball forming

Available options

  • Jacketed mixing bowl. Heavy duty stainless steel
    jackets for efficient dough temperature control lessens needs for maintenance and guarantees product is kept at the ideal temperature ensuring it’s quality.

  • Thermal insulation of the bowl, protected by stainless steel hermetically closed panels.

  • Carugil Sigma Mixers can also be supplied with a 
    Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as an option.

  • Specialized die heads / special extrusion spouts.

  • Automated operation of cover via hydraulic piston

Mixer with sigma kneading blade

Extrusion screw to discharge the product in a form or shape, or directly to the next phase of processing

Mixer with sigma kneading blade

The mixing bowl can be tilted up and forward through the use of a hydraulic system

Kneader with sigma kneading blade

Double Sigma arms made in Stainless Steel and polished

Technical Specifications