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Carugil Preforming line

Production and sizing of a great variety of ropes

The CARUGIL pre-forming line has been conceived to deliver a continuous and consistent rope, either solid or center-filled, to the down-stream lollipop Forming Machine.

It is composed by the following machines:

  • Extruder model CSTR (optional).

  • Batch roller model CBC-120. Rope sizer model CRC-4.

  • Main control cabinet for all the machines above.

Extruder CSTR for center-filling

Batch Roller CBC-120

Rope Sizer CRC-4

  • Up to 450 Kg/h (depending on the model).

  • Heavy duty construction.Easy and safe operation.

  • All areas in contact with the product made in Stainless Steel.

  • Twin-screw infeed section with counter-rotating screws to provide a stable infeed.

  • Water jacketed extrusion barrel with electronic temperature control, which allows for an accurate and even temperature of the whole extrusion area.

  • Max. loading capacity: 120 Kg.

  • All parts in contact with the product completely made of stainless steel.

  • Four powered conical rollers. Stainless steel made.

  • Left-right alternate move of conical rollers.

  • ALowering and lifting movement by push button.

  • Hand-wheel driving a spacer to choose the final position of the cones according to the final diameter of the sugar rope.

  • Electrical heating and temperature adjustment. 

  • Cluster with 4 pairs of rollers.

  • 4 pairs of horizontal sizing rollers made of Stainless Steel.

  • Electrical heating system by heaters.

  • Automatic rope control: speed synchronization with the down-stream equipment.

  • Safety protection placed onto the sizing stage.

  • Rope cross-section adjustment by means of gravity indicators located under each pair of sizing rollers.   

  • Self-lubricated bearings on all moving parts.

  • Thermostat for temperature adjustment.

Preformig line for hard cndy, soft cany and toffee
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