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Customer satisfaction is the central focus for us

When time is of essence. There is not much to act when there is a failure that forces production to stop. We provide remote diagnostic and on-call repairs to address any technical incident as quickly as possible. 

Remote Diagnosis Service

RDS enables condition monitoring. The installation of RDS also enables condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance, which detects potential issues before they scalate, compromise performance or cause system failure.

Benefits. Through Remote Diagnostic Services (RDS) and Global
Technical Support, Carugil reduces the repair time, improving the availability and safety of operations. The system reduces the need for on-site visits by providing assistance from a global technical center.

On call repair

In any place you need it. In the case of more complex trouble-shooting
situations, we are able to dispatch a service engineer anywhere in the world.

Parts and maintenance

Our service increases the service life and minimises failure of your machines, and improves the quality of your products. To guarantee this, the highest quality parts are available. Carugil can advise you on this based on your daily needs. Timely preventive maintenance by Carugil’s specialists guarantees the highest possible usability of your machines and reduces the risk of unforeseen situations.

To minimise time lost by failure, our field service engineers, equipped with up-to-date technical information, are capable of solving any

Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service

Customer Service Assitance

Phone number:


+34 638 842 687

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