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Carugil Bunch Wrappers

bunch wrapper

The best choice in its class for quality bunch wrapping

Reliability, flexibility, high performance, efficiency..., these are characteristics that any lollipop producer hopes a Bunch Wrapper can offer. The Carugil Bunch Wrappers not only achieve these goals, but look into the future providing extra features to bolster your lollipops with added value that makes them stand out in the market place.

Due to its compact and innovative design, the Carugil Bunch Wappers make professional, efficient and precise single twist wrapping accesible even to the entry and medium level producers. For large producers,the CWLB-800 model offers high-tech components and strong performance combined with state-of-the-art control technology at high speed.

bunch wrapper
bunch wrapper
bunch wrapper
bunch wrapper


  • 400, 600 and 800 pieces per minute. Just choose the model that matches your necessities the best.

  • High-quality wrapping of ball and 3D ball lollipops.

  • The servo-driven feeding system allows wrapping of different sizes of lollipops within a wide range with the same feeding dial plate.

  • Available labeling solutions for “flag on stick” and stickers or tattoos on the wrapping film.

  • Hygienic and compact design.

Labelling solutions

Our labelling solutions can be quickly and easily attached to our Bunch Wrappers. The label applicators accurately, efficiently and reliably apply self-adhesive stickers or tattoos to the contnuous wrapping film as well as self-adhesive flag stickers around the lollipop ́s stick.

lollipop labelling flag sticker

Labeller to apply flag stickers around the lollipop ́s stick.

lollipop labelling labeller sticker tattoos

Labeller to apply tattoos/stickers to the wrapping film

Technical Specifications

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